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Water Softeners

Soft Water Bath

Best Illinois Water Softeners!

Garrelt’s Water stocks a wide variety of water softening systems for every home and business.

The hardness in McHenry is different from the water hardness in Barrington. The space to install a unit often varies. We offer multiple softener and salt tank sizes to fit almost any location.

Find out how one of our professional reps can help find the correct water softener system for you!

E6 Twin Tank Water Softener

E6 Twin Tank Water Softener

Twin Tank Water Softeners offer 24 hour, unlimited soft water. Plus they use soft water for regeneration which gives you improved efficiency and lifespan. They are the highest performance Water Softener technology available.

  • City and Well Water options
  • Longest life Water Softener
  • 24 hour unlimited soft water
  • Minimal water and salt use

High Flow Water Softeners

HE Water Softeners

Our High Efficiency Water Softeners use advanced technology to cut water and salt – while saving water pressure.

High Flow Water Softeners

Well Water Softeners

Our High Backwash Well Water Softeners are designed for well water problems like high Iron, Manganese, and Hardness that standard softeners can’t handle.

E3 Water Softener Systems

E3 Water Softeners

The new E3 water softener line is an efficient, low-cost solution to solve the hard water problems in your home!

Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Softeners

Our commercial water softeners range from 1.5″ to 3″ control valves with capacities up to 3,000,000 grains.

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