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Water Treatment Finance Options

You don’t always plan on buying a new water treatment system. Sometimes your old water softener breaks down without any warning. Unfortunately, you may not have budgeted to replace your old system.

Don’t worry!

We now have several water treatment finance options to help make buying your new system as convenient as possible.

water treatment finance

Flexible Payment Options by Aqua Finance

Garrelts Water has partnered with Aqua Finance. For more than 25 years, Aqua Finance has provided fast, flexible financing programs for water treatment systems. We think they have the best service and most flexible programs in the industry.

Here is a basic overview of what they offer:

Installment loans

Installment loans are fixed term loans, similar to a typical auto loan. You get a fixed monthly payment for a set number of months (terms are available from 12 to 72 months).

Installment loans are great if you want to know exactly how much the loan will cost over the life of the contract.

Revolving lines of credit

Revolving lines of credit are open credit lines with Garrelts Water. They feature a minimum monthly payment that is based on the highest amount financed.

If you have available credit and your account is in good standing, you can buy additional equipment for a period of 2 years without needing to reapply. This is a great opportunity if you need multiple pieces of water equipment, but don’t water to buy them all at once.

Options include:
No interest financing (i.e. 0% interest for first 90 days, etc.)
No payment options (i.e. no payment for first 90 days, etc.)
Reduced interest rates (for qualifying candidates

$3000 system
-$600 (20% deposit – example only)
$2400 amount financed

$48/mo w/ revolving option


Getting started with Aqua Finance is easy. You can download a copy of their application to see how easy they are to work with:


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