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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Our Whole House Reverse Osmosis is the ultimate water treatment system. You get better water than any water softener or filter can provide. You also get great water pressure, low maintenance, and industry-leading efficiency!

Whole House Reverse Osmosis reduces up to 98.5% of contaminants found in ordinary tap water. The result: clean, fresh H-2-O!

You don’t have to run any special plumbing, or separate drinking water faucets either. Instead, you get full-flow, clean water – right from your tap!

Finally, your days of hauling salt are over! Membrane technology physically separates hard minerals out of your water. You get soft, clean water – without salt!


Whole House Reverse Osmosis Benefits

  • Pure water from every tap in your home
  • pH balanced water
  • No extra drinking faucets required
  • No more hauling salt
  • Consistent, strong water pressure
  • Maximum protection for plumbing, appliances, and you!
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Purified Drinking Water

No-Salt Softening


Pure water at every tap

Purified Water at Every Tap

Each Whole House Reverse Osmosis (RO for short) system can be customized to treat city or well water contaminants. The system uses a multi-stage approach to protect against virtually every water contaminant possible:

Contaminants like chlorine, iron, and manganese are reduced by a dedicated Iron Filter or Carbon Filter installed before the system. These filters clean up the water to allow the Whole House RO to operate at peak efficiency.

Fine Filtration
Particulates like dirt and sediment are screened out to protect the membranes and extend their life.

Membrane Purification
Membrane technology is the heart of the system. Special low energy membranes physically separate out contaminants like arsenic, chromium, and hard water. In fact, the system is effective at reducing contaminants that are 1000x thinner than a human hair!

Disinfection and Re-pressurization
Purified water is stored in a dedicated tank. Optional Ultraviolet disinfection can be added for further protection against bacteria and virus. A quiet, but powerful pump delivers up to 15 gallons per minute of pure, clean water. Enough to run almost 8 taps at once!

saltless water softener

No Salt Water Softener – That Works!

Fight hard water without salt!

Water softeners are very effective at reducing hard water. But they add sodium to your water, and don’t take out any other impurities.

Saltless water softeners are supposed to “alter” hard minerals into “soft minerals”. But in most cases, the water smells, tastes, and feels the same. Not to mention you still get mineral and salt build up in your home.

Our Whole House Reverse Osmosis physically separates out hard minerals from your water – without salt or chemicals. You get soft, purified water that tastes great. It leaves glassware and shower doors sparkling too!

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Specifications

Specification HRO4-2000
Maximum Purification 98.5%
Maximum production 2000gpd
Maximum efficiency 75%
Standard Flow Rate Output 15gpm
Standard Water Pressure Adjustable up to 70psi
Operating Volume (noise) 47db (comparable to a dishwasher)
RO Dimensions 18″ x 18″ x 45″
Storage Tank Dimensions 31″W x 74″H
Inlet Connection 3/4″

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Brochure

pdf-icon Whole House Reverse Osmosis Brochure

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Whole House Reverse Osmosis Reviews

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Unbelievable Water!

I love not carrying salt. There are no spots on our shower doors. My whole family loves the taste of the water. Highly recommended!
- Bob Dennison
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