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Whole House Filter

Our Whole House Filters offer added protection for your home – and even other Water Treatment equipment.Both city water and well water often have low levels of sediment, dirt, and debris.

These abrasive materials can wreak major havoc on faucets and appliances. Even water heaters can become less efficient as they load up with sediment.

Contaminants like Chlorine and Iron cause damage to your home too.

In the past you were limited to small 2.5”x10” filters. These filters have limited capacity and load up quickly, destroying your water pressure. 4” Big Blue Filters are better, but often plug up after several months.

Our Whole House Filter System is a massive 8” x 40”. It has a longer filter life, and less pressure drop than any residential filter on the market.

Now you have a solution to protect your home – but without all the headaches!

Whole House Filter Benefits

  • Added protection for home from sediment damage
  • Extends life of Water Softener Valve and Resin
  • Longest filter life with lowest pressure drop
  • Easy “no-tools-needed” filter change
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Whole House Well Water Filter

Whole House Filter for Well Water

This Well Water Filter uses a dual-layer pleated design. It has more surface area than smooth polypropylene filters. This increases loading capacity and filter life before pressure begins to drop.

The outer 10 micron layer is perfect for trapping sediment and debris. Once larger particles have been removed, water passes through the inner layer.

The inner core has finer 5 micron filtration that can remove low levels of oxidized Iron and even Iron Bacteria.

Whole House Chlorine Water Filter

Whole House Chlorine Filter PLUS

Our City Water Filter is more than just a Whole House Chlorine Filter.

This advanced filter uses micro-glass fibers that are infused with carbon and silver. These fibers crisscross to form a 0.2 micron filter barrier. This ultrafine filtration can effectively remove bacteria, virus, and cysts.

The fibers also have slight ion exchange capabilities, and can reduce various heavy metals.

The carbon matrix has been tested as an effective tool to remove chlorine, organics, and even pharmaceuticals.

This is the ultimate whole house filtration system.

Whole House Filter Specifications

Specification Well Water Series City Water Series
Tank Size 8″ x 40″ 8″ x 40″
Filter Media Pleated Polyester PAC infused Nano-Alumina Fibers
Monitor System Inlet/Outlet Pressure Gauges Inlet/Outlet Pressure Gauges
Flow Rate 40gpm @ 2psi drop 40gpm @ 4psi drop
Inlet/Outlet 1.25″ 1.25″
Electrical N/A N/A

Whole House Arsenic Filter Brochure

pdf-icon Whole House Filter Brochure

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