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hydrogen peroxide iron filter

Garrelts Water designed a custom Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Filter in Gurnee, IL. This was another home where the water was just too bad for a standard air injection iron filter like the Iron Curtain. The hydrogen sulfide gas was so strong, the water was almost unusable.

Read on to see how we helped our customers clean up their water!

Hydrogen Sulfide: A Demanding Problem

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas with an offensive odor that smells like rotten eggs. Stains can develop on bathtubs and sinks if your water has a high level of sulfur. You could use an acidic cleaning solution to remove these stains, but continued use can damage the finish on porcelain, fiberglass, and plastic tubs/commodes.

Iron Filters work by oxidizing contaminants like hydrogen sulfide. The contaminants grow in size, and then are filtered out of the water. Low levels of hydrogen sulfide can be oxidized by aerating or chlorinating the water. Hydrogen peroxide is a stronger oxidant than air, and works even better than chlorine.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vs Chlorine

Standard chlorine bleach is called sodium hypochlorite. When injected into water, it adds a small amount of sodium (salt). Chlorine can also leave a noticeable smell or taste.
Hydrogen peroxide adds no salts, chemical residual, or smell to the water. After interacting with the water, peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water.

Peroxide can cost more to buy upfront than bleach, but it’s also about 2x more powerful.  So overall, the cost to operate chlorine vs hydrogen peroxide is about the same.

Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Removal System

Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Filter

This custom Iron Filter uses a controller with software that allows us to operate both the filter and hydrogen peroxide system. Other systems would require separate meters and controls. That adds cost and increases the likelihood of a system failure. Fewer components means fewer problems!

We were able treat this water with a single pump that injects hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide has incredible oxidation power and quickly neutralizes the hydrogen sulfide gas.

In the second tank, we use a special filter media that captures particulate iron and sulfur particles as small as 3 microns. Now the water is fresh, clear, and wonderful!

Is a Hydrogen Peroxide Iron Removal System Right For You?

Are you sick of nasty smelling water? We can help!

Garrelts Water has over 25 years of experience fixing well water problems in Illinois. We can help with iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, bacteria, and more!

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