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Water Coolers

A Garrelts Water office water cooler is much more than just a place where employees gather to indulge in idle conversation.

A Garrelts Water office water dispenser provides pure drinking water which is an essential part of any office environment.

A bottleless water cooler is much more sanitary than a drinking water fountain, and it has the advantage of being movable if a different location proves to be more convenient.

Bottleless Water Cooler Benefits

  • No lifting, spilling, or storing bottles!
  • Fixed monthly invoice
  • No more interruptions from deliveries
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Pure Water Cooler

Why Choose a Bottleless Cooler?

Our bottle-free coolers come in a metallic finish with a modern look and feel suitable for business.

All systems feature a 1 gallon stainless steel holding tank – a sealed system, unlike bottled water coolers that can easily become contaminated.

The hot water spigot has a safety lock to prevent accidental dispersing – critical to preventing unexpected burns!

The lower cabinet in the cooler is large enough that a filtration package or reverse osmosis system can be installed inside the system. This makes the entire system clean and secure.

Office Water Cooler Specifications

Our office water coolers are available in “filtered cooler” options for spring water taste, or “reverse osmosis cooler” options for pure drinking water. Both bottleless water coolers feature the same water storage volume and convenient features.

Specification RO-Cooler Filter-Cooler
Production 50gpd NA
First Stage Polypropylene Sediment Polypropylene Sediment
Second Stage Activated Carbon Activated Carbon
Third Stage TFC Membrane NA
Fourth Stage Activated Carbon Activated Carbon
Cold Storage 0.9gal 0.9gal
Hot Storage 0.4gal 0.4gal
Leak Detector YES YES
Dimensions 42″ x 13″ x 15″ 42″ x 13″ x 15″
Feed Connection 1/4″ 1/4″

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