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High Efficiency Water Softener

A High Efficiency Water Softener will save you 100’s of lbs of salt and 1000′s of gallons of water – EVERY YEAR!

It’s more convenient. It’s more economical to operate. You’ll feel good using smart technology.

The Pro Series HE is a custom High Efficiency Water Softener made exclusively for Garrelts Water. It combines 4 high efficiency softening technologies with commercial quality components.

You get unmatched performance from a residential water softener.

This water softener is designed to last 20 years or more!

High Flow Softener Benefits

  • High flow softener valve protects water pressure
  • Uses less water and salt
  • Commercial-grade valve for unmatched reliability
  • Smart controller adjusts to your family’s needs
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High Efficiency Water Softener

High Efficiency Softener Technology

Conventional water softeners use a small tube that pulls water down towards a cone. Water flows in the path of least resistance and causes uneven hardness buildup in the system.

The Pro Series HE uses a special “plate distributor” that has 56% more surface area than a “cone”. These plates direct water flow evenly through the tank.

You get improved softening, more capacity, higher efficiency, and cleaner resin that lasts longer.

Softener Filter Controller

Smarter Regeneration Technology

Metered water softeners regenerate based on use. They get close – but they don’t regenerate EXACTLY when they need to. The Pro Series HE is better. It uses “Variable Reserve” to adjust capacity based on the previous water use. It self-adjusts based on you! Some days you use more water, some days less – only the Pro Series HE can give you just the right amount of soft water!

HE Water Softener Specifications

Specification HE-32 HE-48
Capacity 32,310 grains 48,460 grains
Resin Tank Size 9″ x 48″ 10″ x 54″
Resin Cu. Ft. 1.33ft3 1.85ft3
Resin Type 10% Crosslink 10% Crosslink
Distributor 9″ plate 10″ plate
Flow Rate 14.1gpm 18.2gpm
Inlet/Outlet 1.25″ 1.25″
Electrical 12V 12V

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