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UV Water Purifier

A UV Water Purifier gives you the power to take a drink out of any tap in your home – without worry.

It’s estimated that virus or bacteria in water affect 19.5 million Americans each year.  Common symptoms like diarrhea and headaches are often overlooked.

City water and private wells are both susceptible to contamination.

Chlorine is not 100% effective against bacteria and virus.  UV adds a layer of protection to your water.

You can add an Ultraviolet system to supercharge your existing water system!

UV Water Purifier Benefits

  • Effective against bacteria, virus, cysts
  • No chemicals added to water
  • Low operating cost
  • Simple annual maintenance
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uv water purifier controller

UV Water Purifier Controller

The controller on our UV Water Purifier has several important features:

UV System Monitor
Each component has its own indicator light. The status light will change from green to red if there’s ever an issue with the bulb or power supply.

UV Lamp Life Counter
You don’t have to guess if the system is working. The controller will show you exactly how many days are left before you need to change the UV bulb.

This powerful controller takes the guesswork out of maintenance. You get total confidence the system is performing!

bacteria in water

Protection Against Bacteria, Virus, Cysts

Major waterborne disease outbreaks are not very common. 200,000+ Milwaukee residents got sick drinking city water that was infested with cryptosporidium. That made the news.

Norovirus, e. coli, and more have been found in US drinking water supplies. It’s not common, but it happens.

A UV Water Purifier is much like a smoke detector:

You’ll probably never have a fire, but you’ll be glad you had a smoke detector if you do.

UV gives you piece of mind for your drinking water. You’ll probably never have “nasty bugs” in your water. But if you do, you’ll be glad you installed a UV system.

UV Water Purifier Specifications

Specification S2Q-PA S5Q-PA S8Q-PA S12Q-PA
Application Small home Average home Average home Large home
Dimensions 2.5″ x 17.1″ 2.5″ x 22.1″ 2.5″ x 35.6″ 3.5″ x 37.5″
Power Consumption 22W 30W 46W 48W

UV Water Purifier Brochure

pdf-icon UV Water Purifier System Brochure

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