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Residential Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure, clean water is essential for many businesses, and is a must for your family’s health.Refrigerator filters and faucet filters might improve the taste of your drinking water, but they only remove about 10%* of water contaminants on average.

Reverse Osmosis Systems, on the other hand, can improve water by 90-99%!

Most home owners prefer the taste of pure Reverse Osmosis water to regular tap water. Home units provide the same great taste of bottled water at a fraction of the price.

Reverse Osmosis Systems can be installed to supply ice makers, refrigerators, sinks, wet bars and many other applications.

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

  • Pure, crisp tasting water
  • Clearer ice cubes – with no floaties!
  • Richer tasting coffee, tea, and soups
  • No scale or salt corrosion in coffee or ice makers
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Reverse Osmosis Specifications

Our residential Reverse Osmosis Systems come in several different sizes to accomodate your family’s needs. Plus, you can upgrade the standard faucet or storage tank for nearly limitless options!

Specification RO-25 RO-50 RO-75
Production 25gpd 50gpd 75gpd
First Stage Polypropylene Sediment Polypropylene Sediment Polypropylene Sediment
Second Stage Activated Carbon Activated Carbon Activated Carbon
Third Stage TFC Membrane TFC Membrane TFC Membrane
Fourth Stage Activated Carbon Activated Carbon Activated Carbon
System Monitor Push Button Push Button Push Button
Faucet Connection 3/8″ 3/8″ 3/8″

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