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Does your water cause rust stains, or have a foul taste or smell? This is likely due to high concentrations of dissolved minerals like iron, sulfur, and manganese in your water supply.

The Hellenbrand Iron Curtain removes these problems . . . providing clean, good smelling, fresh tasting water.

The Hellenbrand Iron Curtain’s chemical free treatment uses Natural Oxygen to remove iron “rust” and other nuisance minerals. This treatment system also removes Hydrogen Sulfide, so that your water won’t smell like rotten eggs.

Our Iron Curtain Filtration Systems are highly customizable, so they can be fine-tuned to effectively treat even the toughest water!

Iron Curtain Benefits

  • Save time and money cleaning rust stains
  • Decreases salt use by water softener
  • Chemical-Free design is ecologically friendly
  • Better filtration with higher flow rates than competitors
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Low Maintenance


Iron Curtain air pump

Chemical-Free Design

The patented Iron Curtain system uses a two tank design that provides better iron and odor removal than single tank iron filters.

The first tank uses a quiet, commercial-grade pump that maintains a compressed pocket that water is sprayed through to create millions of micro bubbles.

The air bubbles produce highly oxygenated water that is free from odor and rust – without harsh chemicals!

Softener Filter Controller

Smart System Controller

The Iron Curtain uses a 9 cycle, fully adjustable digital controller that meters water use to inject the exact amount of air for optimum performance. The system monitor also records usage history and real-time system status.

Iron Curtain Filter Tank

Iron Curtain Filter Technology

Standard Iron Filters use a small 3/4″ tube to distribute water through a single filter media like Birm or Greensand.

Water ends of flowing in the path of least resistance which results in uneven Iron buildup that is much harder to clean out during regeneration.

Our Iron Curtain design uses a 5-layer filter bed and a special plate that runs the full width of the tank.

This combination helps direct water flow evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and improved filtration.

Vortech Backwash Technology

Iron Filters need a strong “backwash” to scrub themselves clean of Iron and Manganese.

Standard Iron Filters have a weaker backwash technology. Water simply rises up through the filter bed – like blowing bubbles with a straw!

The Vortech Plate creates a powerful circular flow through the Iron Filter media. This aggressively flushes and knocks out debris for superior cleaning.

Iron Curtain Filter Specifications

Our Iron Curtain filter systems can be designed for both residential and high flow commercial applications. Both filter tanks and aeration tanks come in a variety of sizes and can be configured in 1-6 tank designs based on your needs.

Specification IC-10 IC-12 IC-13
Inlet/Outlet 1.25″ 1.25″ 1.25″
Tank Size 10″ x 54″ 12″ x 52″ 13″ x 54″
Service Flow Rate 2.7gpm 3.9gpm 4.6gpm
Peak Flow Rate 4.0gpm 6.0gpm 7.0gpm
Surface Area 0.546ft2 0.787ft2 0.923ft2
Distributor 10″ plate 12″ plate 13″ plate
Electrical 12V 12V 12V

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