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Do you need a reliable water softener, that doesn’t use a lot of salt, and doesn’t cost a fortune? Meet the ProMate 1: Efficient, Electronic, Engineered and Produced in the USA!

Other entry-level water softeners are either made in China, use old-fashioned clunky mechanical controllers, or use generic designs that only last 5-6 years with hard Illinois water!

With the Promate 1 Water Softener, you no longer need to settle for poor quality, or outdated technology!

Promate 1 Water Softener Benefits

  • Digital controller with power backup
  • Uses up to 30% less water and salt
  • Reliable piston-driven valve
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E3 Water Softener Valve

Engineered Reliability

Some water softeners use rotary discs with lots of surface area, lots of friction, and lots of wear and tear!

The ProMate 1 uses high quality Hellenbrand valve technology. No screens, springs, micro switches – not even 1 screw!

The valve is also 40% less restrictive, with a full 1.05” flow for improved performance and less pressure drop.

promate 1 water softener valve

Smart System Controller

The ProMate 1 is a metered water softener that uses a digital controller to keep track of your water history. This controller only regenerates as needed, which saves water and salt, and makes sure that you never run out of soft water.

ProMate 1 Water Softener Specifications

Specification PM1-24 PM1-32 PM1-48
Capacity 24,230 grains 32,310 grains 48,460 grains
Resin Tank Size 8″ x 44″ 9″ x 48″ 10″ x 54″
Resin Cu. Ft. 0.75ft3 1.0ft3 1.5ft3
Resin Type 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink
Distributor 1.05″ cone 1.05″ cone 1.05″ cone
Flow Rate 9.8gpm 10.1gpm 10.5gpm
Inlet/Outlet 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″
Electrical 12V 12V 12V

ProMate 1 Water Softener Brochure

pdf-icon ProMate 1 Water Softener Brochure

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