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The Iron Curtain Storm is a powerful Ozone Filter System. Ozone disinfection and Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Filter technology are combined to stop Iron and foul odors.

Ozone is nature’s most powerful oxidant. The Storm is the first residential product to incorporate ozone filter technology used by food and beverage manufacturers.

The Iron Curtain Storm needs less maintenance too. No more mixing chemicals and maintaining chemical feed pumps.

The Iron Curtain Storm is a powerful, space-saving system to stop rust stains AND odor problems – without chemicals!


Iron Curtain Storm Benefits

  • Removes up to 6ppm of Iron
  • Effective against foul-smelling odors
  • Environmentally friendly – no chlorine or chemicals needed
  • Space saving design – less space than 2-stage systems
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Stops Smelly Water

Low Maintenance


Iron Curtain Storm

Powerful Ozone Generator

The Iron Curtain Storm uses a compact ozone generator to create a compressed pocket of ozone inside the filter. Every time you open a tap, water sprays through this “ozone pocket”.

Ozone is 1.5x stronger than chlorine at oxidizing metals. It quickly turns Iron into rust particles that can be filtered out.

Air injection Iron Filters are great at removing rust too, but they can create sticky residue that destroys the filter.  The Storm stays much cleaner.  That means better water with less maintenance!

Even better, this Ozone Filter system gives water a fresh, highly oxygenated taste. No chemical taste or weird chemical byproducts like systems that use chlorine.

Vortech Backwash Technology

Iron Filters need a strong “backwash” to scrub themselves clean of Iron and Manganese.

Standard Iron Filters have a weaker backwash technology. Water simply rises up through the filter bed – like blowing bubbles with a straw!

The Vortech Plate creates a powerful circular flow through the Iron Filter media. This aggressively flushes and knocks out debris for superior cleaning.

Iron Curtain Filter Tank

Iron Curtain Filter Technology

Ozone quickly turns metals like Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur into particles.

The Iron Curtain Storm uses a special 3 micron filter bed to trap those particles as they travel through the system.

The media is combined with a full width distributor plate to help direct water flow evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and improved filtration.

The combination of the distributor plate and special media outperform other “standard” systems on the market. You get better filtration, even during times of heavy water use.

The ozone also helps keep the filter bed cleaner, which extends the life of the system.

You get long-lasting, rust-free, odor-free water with great water pressure!

Iron Curtain Storm Specifications

Specification IC-Storm-10 IC-Storm-12 IC-Storm-13
Inlet/Outlet 1.25″ 1.25″ 1.25″
Tank Size 10″ x 54″ 12″ x 52″ 13″ x 54″
Service Flow Rate 2.7gpm 3.9gpm 4.6gpm
Peak Flow Rate 4.0gpm 6.0gpm 7.0gpm
Surface Area 0.546ft2 0.787ft2 0.923ft2
Distributor 10″ plate 12″ plate 13″ plate
Electrical 12V 12V 12V

Iron Curtain Storm Brochure

pdf-icon Iron Curtain Storm Brochure

*This unit is not intended to aid in the mitigation of microorganisms and is not duly registered as a pesticidal device.

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