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High Purity Water Softener Salt

water softener salt

Take Better Care of Your Water Softener

Our water water softener salt is 99.6% pure.  This high purity salt is virtually 100% water soluble and is specially formulated to resist mushing and bridging in your brine tank.  

This helps keep your water softener cleaner for trouble-free operation!

  • Contain up to 99.6% high purity salt
  • Made naturally with the power of the sun
  • Solar salt crystals are naturally white and opaque
  • Minimize brine tank residue for less service



Less Maintenance

Get Better Water with Better Salt!

Your water softener helps remove minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and even barium. But it can’t do it forever!

Your water softener needs to periodically recharge the resin beads so that they can continue to remove these minerals. Your system needs softener salt to maintain softer towels and clothes, cleaner dishes, and longer plumbing and appliance life.

You have the best water softener, now get the best water softener salt!

How is Solar Salt Made?

This is the oldest and most natural method of salt production. Solar salt is made by capturing salt water in shallow ponds.

Next, the sun is used to evaporate most of the water. Any impurities that may be present in the brine are drained off and discarded prior to harvesting.

Finally, the concentrated brine precipitates the salt, which is then gathered by mechanical harvesting machines.

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Highest quality salt.
Cleaner, less maintenance.

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