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Sometimes you need more than just soft water. Whether you have city water or well water, they both have different challenges.

As you probably know, a water softener may not be enough to give you the water quality you want.

The DMT system does just that: It’s a super high efficiency water softener that will protect your home from hard water damage. But it doesn’t stop there!

The patented dual-chamber tank has a second compartment for custom filtration depending on your water!

Finally, there is a smart solution for multiple water problems!


DMT Benefits

  • One system treats multiple water problems
  • Uses up to 70% less water and salt
  • Fewer parts = fewer problems
  • Smart controller adjusts to your family’s needs
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Filtered Drinking Water

High Efficiency

Best Water Quality

DMT softener filter tank

Dual Media Technology

The DMT uses Hellenbrand’s patented dual chamber tank design that allows you to replace a conventional water softener and water filter with a single system.

Conventional water softeners are limited by design. They use a single chamber tank with a small tube running down the center. Water flows unevenly down towards a cone which reduces softening effectiveness, and results in uneven buildup that is much harder to clean out.

The DMT uses two plates that run the full width of the tank. These plates direct water flow evenly through the tank for balanced loading, and a much more efficient regeneration.

Vortech Backwash Technology

Iron Filters need a strong “backwash” to scrub themselves clean of Iron and Manganese.

Standard Iron Filters have a weaker backwash technology. Water simply rises up through the filter bed – like blowing bubbles with a straw!

The Vortech Plate creates a powerful circular flow through the Iron Filter media. This aggressively flushes and knocks out debris for superior cleaning.

DMT Softener Filter Valve

Elegant Simplicity + Raw Power

The average water softener valve has over 150 parts. That’s a lot of opportunity for things to break. The DMT uses a simple, rugged design with only 41 parts. No screens, springs, micro switches – not even 1 screw! The valve is also 40% less restrictive, with a full 1.05” flow for improved performance and less pressure drop.

DMT Softener Filter Valve

Smart System Controller

The DMT uses a digital controller that measures and records your water usage for the past 63 days. This smart controller only regenerates as needed, and adjusts the reserve capacity to operate at peak efficiency and make sure that you never run out of soft water.

DMT Specifications

Specification DMT10-city DMT13-city DMT10-well DMT13-well
Capacity 32,310 grains 64,620 grains 32,310 grains 64,620 grains
Mineral Tank Size 10″ x 54″ 13″ x 56″ 10″ x 65″ 13″ x 65″
Media Amount Chamber 1 0.5ft3 1.0ft3 0.5ft3 1.0ft3
Media Amount Chamber 2 1.0ft3 2.0ft3 1.0ft3 2.0ft3
Surface Area 0.545ft2 0.921ft2 0.545ft2 0.921ft2
Distributor 10″ plate 13″ plate 10″ plate 13″ plate
Flow Rate 14.1gpm 18.2gpm 5.0gpm 10.0gpm
Inlet/Outlet 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″
Electrical 12V 12V 12V 12V

DMT Brochure

pdf-iconDMT Brochure

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