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Iron Bacteria Treatment Systems

Iron Bacteria Treatment Systems are specialty Iron Filters.

Our standard Iron Filter systems use air injection.  They work great for Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide problems.  But they don’t help with Iron Bacteria.

Well water has too many variables for the same Iron Filter to work every time.  Fortunately, our systems can be customized to your water.

Iron Bacteria requires disinfection – that’s where chlorine comes in.  Chlorine is a cost effective, easy-to-use, powerful disinfectant.  It can be used WITH our air injection Iron Filters to make them even more effective.

Chlorine Injection Advantages

Chlorine actually makes our air injected Iron Filters work even better.  Disinfection helps control the sludge that can accumulate with air injection.  Cleaner filter beds work better, and last longer.

You also get improved water quality that you don’t get with air injection:

  • Kill Iron Bacteria and other nuisance bacteria (not affected by air)
  • Oxidize Iron
  • Oxidize Manganese (air injection requires ph > 8.5)
  • Oxidize Arsenic (not affected by air)
Iron Bacteria Treatment Systems

Chlorine Injection Add-On System

Our Iron Bacteria Treatment Systems can be designed using any of our Iron Filter systems.  The standard  Iron Curtain Filters are preferred for higher levels of Iron, or for homes that require higher flow rates.  The Iron Curtain Junior Filters are a lower cost option that work well with lower levels of Iron.

The Iron Bacteria Treatment System adds the following components:

Wiring Package – connects the circuit board in the Iron Filter controller to the chlorine pump

Smart Controller – counts gallons of water used, and injects chlorine based on water quality and volume used

Solution Tank – storage container to hold chlorine

Chlorine Injection Pump

Reliable Chlorine Injection Pump

Our chlorine injection pumps use a simple, well-engineered design to minimize complexity and deliver reliable performance. The time-tested designed is renowned for consistent quality and ease of service.  You get maximum dependability with reduced service and maintenance expense.

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