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The E6 Twin Tank Water Softener just might be the most powerful tool to help you solve hard water problems.Unlike Single Tank Softeners, you can’t run out of soft water. Even with heavy water use!

The E6 uses soft water for every regeneration cycle. Soft water does a better job of cleaning out the inside of a softener. It also improves iron removal.

To top it off, our Twin Tank Water Softener is 17% more efficient than comparable single tank systems.

Other Twin Tank systems on the market have a problem – they’re way too complicated! They often have 200+ parts. The E6 solves that problem with an ultra simple valve and powerful digital controller.

You get great water + great reliability!


Twin Tank Softener Benefits

  • Provides unlimited, 24 hour soft water
  • Full soft water regeneration improves cleaning
  • 17% more efficient capacity than single tank softeners
  • Commercial-grade valve with precise digital controller
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High Efficiency

24hr Protection

Best Water Quality

Twin Tank Regeneration

Twin Tank Water Softener Technology

Single tank water softeners have to shut down every few days to clean themselves out. During that time they use hard water to try and “scrub themselves clean”.

Single tank water softeners commonly add up to 30% “reserve capacity” to minimize running out of soft water. Problem is , about 17% of capacity never gets used – but it gets cleaned with salt anyway!

The E6 Twin Tank Softener is better.

While the 1st tank supplies soft water, the 2nd tank is on standby. After the 1st tank’s capacity is used up, the system immediately switches to the 2nd tank.

The 2nd tank not only supplies soft water to your home or business, but it also provides soft water for the 1st tank.

No wasted capacity. More consistent, unlimited soft water.

E6 Control Valve

Powerful Command Center

Mechanical Twin Tank Water Softeners do the same job – and that’s it. They can’t be adjusted very easily.

The E6 uses a flexible digital controller. City water and well water have different challenges. Now you can have a smart system that’s fine tuned to your water.

E6 high efficiency water softener resin

Longer Lasting Efficiency

If you’ve ever tried to wash glassware in hard water, you know it doesn’t get very clean. Wash those same glasses in soft water, and they sparkle! The same is true with water softener resin.

Water Softener Resin is the key to removing hard minerals. As resin degrades, capacity goes down, and efficiency goes down.

The E6 Twin Tank Water Softener uses 100% soft water to clean itself out – not hard water. This maximizes efficiency, and lifespan in general.

E6 Twin Tank Water Softener Specifications

Specification E6-24 E6-32 E6-48 E6-64
Capacity/Tank 24,230 grains 32,310 grains 48,460 grains 64,620 grains
Resin Tank Size 8″ x 44″ 9″ x 48″ 10″ x 54″ 13″ x 54″
Resin Cu. Ft. 0.75ft3 1.0ft3 1.5ft3 2.0ft3
Resin Type 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink
Distributor 1″ cone 1″ cone 1″ cone 1″ cone
Flow Rate 13.1gpm 13.0gpm 14.1gpm 18.2gpm
Inlet/Outlet 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″
Electrical 12V 12V 12V 12V

E6 Twin Water Softener Files

pdf-icon E6 Twin Tank Brochure
pdf-icon E6 Twin Tank Warranty

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Great Company to Work With

We would like to take this time to thank you for coming to our home so late in the evening to test our water and explain to us the problems. Your professionalism is to be commended. You took all the time we needed to explain things, and not just try to sell your product. We would also like to say thank you to the two gentlemen who installed the equipment. They showed the same professionalism and courtesy. It is truly a great thing that companies still exist such as yours. Our experience with you was a great one and we will recommend your company to everyone we know!! Thank you for everything.
- Steve And Kristi Frohling
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