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The best water treatment system in Ringwood IL

Our clients in Ringwood, IL were tired of their old water softener and wanted the best water treatment system they could get. They had a decent water softener. But it couldn’t handle tough well water AND this family’s high volume use.

In short, they needed better water with more capacity. Here’s what we did.

Too Hard. Too Much Iron. Too Much Water…

The well water for this home was 7x harder than the national average. It also had iron that was 10x over the staining limit! Handling 35gpg hardness plus 3ppm iron is no small feat. But that doesn’t even take water VOLUME into account.

The water use here is huge! An 800 gallon per day average is 2.5x higher than a typical family of four. As a result, they would always run out of quality water. The softener and iron filter were 1/2 the size they needed!

Two Steps for the Best Water Treatment System

Using a softener-only approach to handle high hardness, iron, and water volume would have been very inefficient. Instead, we took a two step approach to fix this water up. First, we used a filter to remove iron. Second, we used a softener to reduce the water hardness.

iron curtain filter

Iron Curtain Two Stage Filter System

For this home we needed to use a two stage Iron Curtain Filter system. A single tank iron filter would run out of capacity due to the high volume of water used here.

We installed a 12” Iron Curtain 2.0 system that has a dedicated aeration tank, and a separate filter tank. The dedicated aeration tank gives us about 5x more oxidation capability than a single tank filter. It easily handles the iron + high volume use in this home.

e6 twin tank water softener

Twin Tank Water Softener

An E6 Twin Tank Water Softener was an easy choice for this family. Twin systems use less water and salt. Plus they offer unlimited soft water.

When one tank runs out of capacity, the system switches to the 2nd tank. They even use soft, clean water to flush out the dirty tank. This increase the life of the system too.

An Endless Supply of Clean Water

Imagine having to guess how much water you’ve used each day. Worrying if you’ll run out of clean water. That’s no way to live!

Now our clients can enjoy every drop of water that comes out of their tap! No stains. No odors. No hard water. They use almost 50% less salt too!

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