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Arsenic Filter System

An Arsenic Filter System will give you whole house protection, and piece of mind.

These specialty systems do one thing: remove Arsenic in water.

You can use our Arsenic Filters with any Water Softener or Iron Filter. They install easily after those other systems. Best of all, they don’t even waste any water flushing themselves out.

Arsenic is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Unfortunately, it’s also a carcinogen. Like other water contaminants, getting your water tested is the only way to know if you have it.

If you do have an Arsenic problem – we can help!

Arsenic Filter System Benefits

  • Effective for both Arsenic III (AS3) and Arsenic V (AS5)
  • Non-backwashing design eliminates wastewater
  • Fast-acting filter media reduces system size and cost
  • Longer-lasting filter media reduces maintenance cost
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Arsenic Filter Controller

Arsenic Filter Controller

The controller on our Arsenic Filter system monitors your water use, and keeps you informed when you need service. You can see how many gallons you’ve used, average use per day, when its time to change filter media, and more.

Each Arsenic Filter has a built-in flow controller that maintains the correct water flow through the system. This prevents you from over-running the system, and guarantees optimal filtration.

Built-in test ports are also included before and after the system. This makes it easy to collect water samples for annual testing.

Arsenic filter media

High Performance Arsenic Media

We use a special filter media that can remove both types Arsenic, lasts longer life than competing systems, and requires less media (lower cost) than other products

LayneRT Arsenic resin is made by Layne Christensen – a leader in industrial/municipal water processing. This media is NSF certified for performance. It also has a number of advantages over other arsenic filter medias on the market:

No Backwash Required
LayneRT does not produce fines or dump arsenic back into the water. Other medias must be flushed out every 2-3 days.

Less Media Required
Layne’s arsenic media has a uniform, spherical shape. Its made of a special iron-impregnated anion resin. Water flows more evenly through this resin than competing granular medias. You can often achieve the same or better flow rates with almost half the media that other systems require. This keeps our system smaller, and reduces space needed.

Longer Media Life
All filter media eventually becomes saturated and must be replaced. This is true whether we’re talking about a small refrigerator filter, or a large industrial filter. LayneRT has a higher loading capacity than other products. This means the media can adsorb more Arsenic, for a longer time, before you have to replace it.

Arsenic Filter System Specifications

Specification GP-09 GP-10 GP-12 GP-14
Capacity/Tank 300gpd 1,400gpd 2,160gpd 3,600gpd
Resin Tank Size 9″ x 48″ 10″ x 54″ 12″ x 52″ 14″ x 54″
Resin Cu. Ft. 1.0ft3 1.5ft3 2.3ft3 3.5ft3
Resin Type 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink 8% Crosslink
Distributor 1″ cone 1″ cone 1″ cone 1″ cone
Flow Rate 7.0gpm 10.0gpm 15.0gpm 25.0gpm
Inlet/Outlet 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″ 1.05″
Electrical 12V 12V 12V 12V

Arsenic Filter Brochure

pdf-icon Arsenic Filter System Brochure

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