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Long Grove IL better water softener

A better water softener means better water for your home and family. If you have a family of 6, and a table with 4 chairs, 2 people will be unhappy. Picking the right water softener size is no different. You need enough capacity to make sure every one is happy!

Our client in Long Grove, IL had a 32,000 grain water softener. It’s a very common size, but wasn’t right for this family. They always ran out of soft water.

Garrelts Water was called out to help our client find a better water softener for their family.

The Formula for a Better Water Softener

Home water softeners are sized based on water quality, and the size of the family.

Well water softeners have to treat both iron AND water hardness. This well had 0.5ppm iron and 36 grains of hardness. The iron was just high enough to cause stains, but wasn’t too bad. But 36 grains of hardness is 5x higher than average!

This family of six uses an average of 450 gallons a day. Here’s how we sized a water softener for this family:

36gpg water hardness
0.5ppm iron x4 = 2gpg hardness
36 + 2 = 38gpg total hardness

38gpg total hardness x 450 gallons = 17,100 grains hardness per day.

The old 32,000 WaterRight water softener only had 1 1/2 days of capacity. This explained why the water was soft one day, and hard the next.

Long Grove IL well water softener

A Bigger, Better Water Softener

Garrelts Water installed a 48,000 E3 Water Softener. There were several upgrades that made this a better water softener:

More Capacity
This is a no brainer. We sized the system to give this family 2-3 days of soft water between regenerations. They have enough reserve capacity to maintain good water.

Better Pressure
The old softener was only 0.75” internally. The new E3 water softener uses a larger tank and is a full 1.05” flow. That gives our system almost 2x the flow rate of the old system.

Better Water
The E3 Water Softener uses a meter to operate on-demand, or based on usage. The smart controller and added capacity make sure that this family always has soft, clear water.

Do You Need a Better Water Softener?

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