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No one ever said it was easy to be a Commercial Water Softener.¬† You need to protect $100,000’s of water heaters,¬†boiler systems, plumbing, and fixtures.

Etched glassware from hardness is not an option. You need to keep dining clients happy (the Health Department too).

You also need to support massive fluctuations in water use and flow rates.

The Ivanhoe Country Club in Mundelein Illinois has city water with 25 gpg hardness. Their old softener did the trick: it protected their business, and helped Reduce Energy Consumption.

The only problem: their old Culligan used TONS of salt, and pumped 1000’s of gallons of water down the drain.

So what did the Ivanhoe Country Club do? They contacted Garrelts Water, and we helped them come up with a better solution:

Removing the Old Culligan Water Softener

The water softener resin had worn out in the old Culligan system. New resin would’ve helped. But the old steal tank was corroding. The old mechanical controller was outdated and worn. It was time for it to go!

That was easier said than done. We had to hire a demolition company to cut up and remove the old Culligan water softener from the premise.

The old commercial water softener was gone. We cleaned up the site. It was time to start fresh!

High Performance Commercial Softener

Commercial Water SoftenerIf the old Culligan was a Model T, the new Hellenbrand commercial water softener is a steel-reinforced, turbo charged hybrid tank!

The Hellenbrand H200HF-300 Commercial Water Softener is an upgraded version of the standard 2″ inlet/outlet system.

The system uses a 30″x72″ tank with 320,000 grain capacity. The valve was redesigned for massive flow rate improvments over a 2″ system:

92gpm @ 15psi drop (73gpm on standard system)
120gpm @ 25psi drop (94gpm on standard system)

To the average person, this means you could fill 30 bath tubs at once!

These specifications come close to what other 3″ softeners can deliver. Since all the components are 2″, the price is much lower than a 3″ version. This is just one way we strive to help our clients.

Better than a Metered Water Softener?

Efficiency was the main driving force behind this new softener. Less salt. Less waste.

The old system had a “dumb” mechanical controller. Our system has a brain.

A better softener would meter usage, and only regenerate when needed.

Our system has a Variable Reserve. The system meters, records, and learns from your usage history. Then it automatically adjusts adjusts the reserve capacity to changing water-use patterns.

40% less salt and water consumption is typical with this type of upgrade.

Need Help with a Commercial Water Softener?

A commercial water softener requires careful planning. Accurate fixture counts, volume requirements, and water analysis are just the start.

Garrelts Water has the dedication and experience you need. We’ll make sure your commercial water softener is designed to operate the way your business does. Best of all, you’ll use the least amount of water and salt possible.

Contact Garrelts Water at (815) 344-8186 to get started on your next project!

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