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iron filter for hydrogen sulfide inverness, il

Garrelts Water designed a custom Iron Filter for Hydrogen Sulfide in Inverness, IL. We install 100’s of Iron Filters a year to fix rust stains and foul odors. But this water was just too bad for one of our standard systems. The water reeked like rotten eggs. Read on to see what we did.

Hydrogen Sulfide: A Demanding Problem

Iron Filters work by oxidizing contaminants so they grow in size, and then straining them out of the water. Iron can easily be oxidized by using plain old air. Hydrogen sulfide isn’t so easy.

Hydrogen sulfide has a much higher demand, and it takes too much “air” to oxidize in most cases. Air is simply too weak of an oxidant. Our system with ozone works better, but wasn’t powerful enough.  In this case, we built a custom Iron Filter for Hydrogen Sulfide that uses pressurized aeration with hydrogen peroxide injection.

Inverness, IL custom iron filter for hydrogen sulfide

Iron Curtain Plus: A Custom Iron Filter for Hydrogen Sulfide

The Iron Curtain uses very powerful software that you won’t find in other residential water treatment systems. This software gives us the flexibility we need when we run in to challenging water problems.

The standard Iron Curtain filter system uses two stages:

  1. Retention tank with air compressor to mix air and water
  2. Filter tank to remove oxidized contaminants like iron, manganese, etc

This system uses the software to run both the air compressor AND a pump that injects hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide adds incredible oxidation power and quickly neutralizes the hydrogen sulfide gas.

In the second tank, we use a high-grade filter media that will capture particulate matter as small as 3 microns. That’s almost 7x better than a standard iron filter. Now the water is fresh, clear, and wonderful!

Ready for Better Water?

Do you have searing, burning, rotten eggs coming out of your faucet? We can fix it. Water not that bad? Even easier.

Garrelts Water has over 25 years of experience fixing well water problems in Illinois. We can help with iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, bacteria, and more!

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