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Smelly water driving you crazy? We know how you feel.

Garrelts Water fixes nasty well water on a daily basis. We can usually solve most problems with one of our standard well water filtration systems.

Sometimes we build special systems for extreme water conditions.

We recently installed a custom Sulfur Water Filter. Our customers in Wadsworth, IL had horrendously bad water.

Let’s take a look at what they were dealing with and how we fixed it.

Custom Sulfur Water Filter in Wadsworth, IL

Seriously Bad Smelling Water

Hydrogen sulfide gives water a “rotten egg smell”.

You can smell hydrogen sulfide gas at levels as low as 0.03ppm (parts per million).

This well in Wadsworth, IL had 5.0ppm of hydrogen sulfide! It was horrible!

To make things worse, the water also had 5.0ppm of Iron (16x over the staining limit) and slimy Iron Bacteria.

This was not an easy well to fix.

sulfur water filter

Custom Sulfur Water Filter

We installed a custom version of our Iron Curtain Storm. The Storm is an Ozone Iron Filter. Ozone is a great natural disinfectant. It does a great job of controlling Iron Bacteria and removing Iron.

As great as the Storm is, the hydrogen sulfide level was too high for it to fix everything.

We added a Hydrogen Peroxide pre-treatment system to give the Storm a boost.

A 7% hydrogen peroxide solution is injected into a mixing tank BEFORE water hits the Storm.
The peroxide turns the hydrogen sulfide gas into chunks of sulfur.

The Storm easily filters out sulfur particles and finishes the job by removing remaining Iron and Bacteria.

Now our customers have clear, odor-free water from every tap!

Do You Need Help with Your Water?

Are you tired of brushing your teeth with smelly water? Does it stain your clothes or your hair?

Garrelts Water serves the greater Chicago area. We have tackled a wide variety of water problems over the years. We can help you too.

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