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wadsworth iron curtain storm and water softener

The Iron Curtain Storm has become our “silver bullet” for well water in Illinois. It works quickly and efficiently at solving common water problems in our area.

Our client in Wadsworth, IL had been putting up with rust stains and stinky water for years. Their Culligan water softener used to do a good job of removing hardness, but now even that was hit or miss.

It was time for a change!

Well Water A Softener-Only Approach Can’t Fix

Iron Bacteria is very common around Wadsworth, IL. These pesky bugs create a rotten egg odor that smells like hydrogen sulfide gas. A softener will let these microbes grow right into your house.

This well also had 1.5ppm of iron. As little as 0.3ppm will cause stains. The chemistry combination of high pH and iron bacteria made iron removal with a water softener impossible. The Culligan got most of it, but not enough to stop rust stains.

Their water was extremely hard too. 25gpg of water hardness will quickly etch glassware and destroy a dishwasher. The 15 year old softener used to do a good job, but it had lost most of it’s capacity and could no longer keep up.

iron curtain storm

Iron Curtain Storm Stops Rust Stains and Odor

The Iron Curtain Storm traps iron, manganese, and iron bacteria to remove rust stains and odor. The system uses ozone to sanitize its filter media every night. This keeps the media clean so it doesn’t get fouled with iron slime like other iron filters. Now our client has no stains, and odor-free water for the first time in this home!

e3 water softener

Water Softener Solves Hard Water Problems

Now that the iron was removed, a new softener could do a great job of removing the water hardness. An E3 Water Softener was installed after the Iron Curtain Storm.

The softener will use almost 20% less salt since the iron was removed first by the filter. Now our customer has consistent soft water – with less salt bags to carry!

What’s the Answer to Your Water Problems?

Before our client rated their water quality as a “C“. They could shower in it, but they didn’t like it.

The combination of the Iron Curtain Storm and new water softener bumped this water to an “A+”. Now the water is soft and clear. It smells and tastes better too.

Does your water leave stains, have a foul odor, or something else?
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