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Our client in Sleepy Hollow had been dealing with well water problems for years. They had Iron Bacteria problems like many of our clients in the area. The Culligan Iron Filter and Softener they put in worked okay at times. But they weren’t reliable, and they were sick of using chemicals.

Well Water Problems (Do these sound familiar?)

The water has 3ppm of iron (10x over staining limit), 1ppm of hydrogen sulfide, and Iron Bacteria.

Iron Bacteria isn’t a health risk like e. coli. It’s a nuisance bacteria. Common Iron Bacteria problems include:

  • smelly water
  • rust stains
  • orange slime in plumbing, drains, etc

Mixing Chemicals Gets Old

The customer had installed a Culligan Super S Iron Filter. This Iron Filter uses chlorine to kill bacteria. This technology works well – we have an Iron Bacteria Treatment system that is similar.

After years of mixing chlorine, the customer wanted a solution with less maintenance. They were sick of mixing chemicals.

The system didn’t always work either. Rust stains kept coming back. It was time for a change!

Iron Curtain Storm and E3 water softener

Iron Curtain Storm to the Rescue!

Garrelts Water replaced both the Culligan Super S Iron Filter and Mark 10 Water Softener. 

We started out with the Iron Curtain Storm to control Iron Bacteria problems. This system uses Ozone instead of chlorine. Ozone is a natural disinfectant that has many advantages over chlorine:

  1. No mixing chemicals
  2. No chemical taste in water (it actually tastes fresh)
  3. More powerful than chlorine

The Iron Curtain Storm automatically injects ozone to kill bacteria and oxidize iron.

Next, the system filters out this undesirable matter to stop stains and odor.

Then the Iron Curtain Storm flushes itself out with water every few days. This keeps the filter media inside clean, and extends the life of the system.

The E3 water softener replaced the old Culligan Mark 10. The E3 has a more user-friendly digital controller. It also has a full 1” valve that offers better water pressure than the old system.

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