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A Commercial Twin Tank Water Softener is perfect for a business with demanding water use.

The McHenry Country Club offers members a great golf experience and fine dining. Events can bring in high traffic. This puts increased demand on the club – and their water softener.

The old softener couldn’t keep up. Garrelts Water helped the club with a new Commercial Twin Tank Water Softener that was perfect for their business.

Commercial Twin Tank Water Softener

Twink Tank Softener Advantages

Use too much water with a single tank softener, and you get hard water. That’s a real problem for restaurants and clubs that depend on clean glassware.

Single tank systems use extra “reserve” capacity to try and maintain soft water during heavy use. This reserve doesn’t normally get used. But it does get cleaned with water and salt during regeneration. That’s a waste of water and salt.

A Twin Tank Commercial Water Softener solves those problems:

  • Tanks switch back and forth so you never run out of soft water
  • No wasted reserve – 100% capacity is used

Upgraded Commercial Twin Tank Water Softener

The McHenry Country Club has extremely tough water. 32gpg hardness and 1ppm iron will cause serious scaling and rust stains.

The club has 1.25” copper plumbing, so we installed twin Hellenbrand H125 water softeners.

The H125 combines a high-flow 1.25” valve with a digital controller and super-accurate meter. This helps the system support high flow rate without pressure drop. But it can also detect low flow rates that other softeners miss.

The two softeners are connected to a single motorized alternating valve (MAV for short). The softeners talk to each other and use the MAV to switch between tanks.

Now the McHenry Country Club gets perfect soft water, unlimited capacity, and huge water and salt savings.

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