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Huntley Ozone Iron Filter and Softener

Our Ozone Iron Filter is not the only system we use to fix Iron Bacteria, but it’s definitely the most popular.

Garrelts Water spends a lot of time installing systems to combat rusty, smelly water in Illinois.

Well water treatment systems are not “one size fits all”. Our customer in Huntley, IL found this out the hard way. He tried a “discount iron filter”. It never worked. The water chemistry was all wrong.

Fortunately, we were able to help our customer match the right system to his water.

Smelly, Rusty, Water – So Hard it Crunches

Our customer had a number of water problems that he needed to fix.

The well water had 3ppm iron, iron bacteria, and a foul “rotten egg” odor.

The old iron filter used an Autotrol 168 controller and valve to backwash Birm filter media. This system had 3 problems:

  1. Birm has a lower iron removal capacity and couldn’t completely remove the rust.
  2. The Autotrol valve was too restrictive and could not backwash the filter media clean.
  3. The system did not control Iron Bacteria.

Eventually the system became completely plugged with iron “slime”.

On top of the iron problems, they also had 35 grains of hardness! That’s 7x harder than the national average! The Autotrol softener did a better job, but was a little too small. They ran out of soft water at times, and needed more capacity.

Huntley IL Ozone Iron Filter for Iron Bacteria

Ozone Iron Filter Stops Well Water Problems – FAST!

We only used two systems to completely fix our customer’s water.

The Iron Curtain Storm is easily our most popular product to fix Iron and Iron Bacteria in well water. We installed a 12” Filter that could deliver up to 7 gallons per minute (gpm) of clean water for our customer. It outperforms the old system in every way:

  1. The Storm has a recommended limit of 6ppm iron – over 2x the capacity needed for this well.
  2. The valve can backwash up to 27gpm, more than enough to flush out a 12” tank which only requires 8gpm.
  3. Ozone easily controls Iron Bacteria and delivers fresh smelling and tasting water.

We installed a 48,000 grain E3 water softener after the filter to reduce hardness. This system uses a much simpler control valve with far fewer parts. It also had 50% more capacity.

Rusty, smelly, hard water is now a thing of the past!

Sick of Dealing with Your Well Water?

It’s tough to wake up every morning and brush your teeth with water that smells like rotten eggs. We get it.

Contact Garrelts Water for a free consultation. We can test your water, and help you find the right solution for your needs. You’ll get consistent, clear soft water. No matter how bad your water is, we can fix it!

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