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We install a lot of Ozone Iron Filter systems for Iron Bacteria. It’s a common problem with private wells in the Chicago area.

Iron Bacteria isn’t regulated. It’s not harmful, but it can drive you crazy! It causes water to be rusty and smelly. It often leaves a slime in plumbing and fixtures.

Your water softener won’t stop it. Your iron filter might not either. But it can be done – you just have to use the right technology.

This article will take a look at a Culligan iron filter we replaced with an Iron Curtain Storm.

How to Fix Iron Bacteria

You need to kill iron bacteria to stop it. If you don’t, it will slowly grow throughout your home.

There are 3 approved ways to control iron bacteria:

Hydrogen Peroxide
Farmers use peroxide to control bacteria. Problem is you need a dose over 100ppm. This may taste fine to a cow, but most people wouldn’t want to drink it.

Cities have used chlorine to kill bacteria for over 100 years. It’s cheap, stable, and reliable.

Ozone is used by most bottled water manufacturers, in food processing, and (more recently) by cities. Ozone works very fast. It also breaks down quickly into oxygen.

Garrelts Water prefers to use either chlorine or ozone to control rust and bacteria. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Ozone Iron Filter vs Chlorine – Which is Better?

Ozone can be disinfect bacteria and oxidize metals like iron, manganese, and arsenic.

Ozone also breaks down fast. Really fast. Excess ozone breaks down into oxygen.

Thats both good and bad news.

On the plus side you get fresh tasting and smelling water. But it doesn’t offer disinfection throughout your plumbing. It keeps the bugs out, but wont kill the ones that are already in.

Chlorine attacks bacteria and metals too. But it works slower. It creates potentially unhealthy chemical byproducts. Chlorine leaves a chemical smell and taste in the water too.

Why Our Customer Chose an Ozone Iron Filter

The Culligan Super S Iron Filter uses chlorine to control Iron Bacteria.

Our customer was growing tired of mixing chlorine every month. They were tired of carry jugs of bleach. They never really liked the idea of adding chemicals to their water.

They were excited when they heard about our new technology.

[twocol_one]Ozone Iron Filter in Crystal Lake, IL
[twocol_one_last]Iron Curtain Storm
The Iron Curtain Storm is a compact ozone iron filter.

It is based on a small ozone generator. Water sprays through a pocket of ozone each time you open a tap.

Iron bacteria is killed. Metals like iron turn into clumps that settle onto the filter media. Every few days the system is flushed clean with water.

The whole process happens automatically. You don’t haul chemicals.

Best of all, the water smells fresh and clean. It tastes great, and doesn’t cause stains.

Is an Ozone Iron Filter Right for You?

Would you like rust-free, odor-free water?

We carry 3 Iron Filter product lines because one size DOES NOT fit all! We use air, chlorine, and ozone depending on the water.

Give us a call at (815) 344-8186 or sign up for a FREE WATER TEST. We’ll help you find the right system for your water.

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