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Moving into a new home is exciting. New paint, new floors, new appliances.

But in a city like Lakemoor, IL, those new appliances won’t stay new for very long!

Our clients wanted to protect their new home, so they talked to several local water treatment companies to get professional advice.

After researching their options, they chose Garrelts Water to install a new water softener for their home, but they needed even better water for themselves. Here’s what they did.

Water Softener Makes Lakemoor City Water Better

While most of the country has 4-5 gpg (grains per gallon) of hardness, Lakemoor water hardness is 25gpg!

How hard is 25gpg? A household of only two people would be hammered by 195lbs of dissolved rock each year. That’s pretty hard!

To protect their home, they knew they needed a good water softener.

We got quotes from Culligan and Huemann Water Conditioning before deciding on Garrelts Water. We wanted an efficient, reliable water softener without a lot of bells and whistles. We are very happy with our decision.

Water Softener Installation in Lakemoor, IL
The new Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener was installed down in the mechanical room with copper piping for a nice clean installation.

The E3 softener measures water use, and only cleans itself out with salt when needed.

The digital controller features a smart technology called “Variable Reserve” that records data and learns from the previous 28 days of water use. This information is used to make micro-adjustments that allow the system to operate 50-60% more efficiently than many of the standard softeners on the market!


Reverse Osmosis Keeps Your Water Safe and Delicious!

This neighborhood was built on a wide open piece of land that had been used as farmland for generations.

Since water dissolves a little bit of everything it comes in contact with, areas with a lot of industry and agriculture tend to end up with more “stuff” in the water.

Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS, is a good indicator of how much “stuff” is in the water. Dissolved solids levels over 100ppm tend to negatively affect the taste of water, and cause cloudy, frosty ice cubes.
Reverse Osmosis Installation
With a TDS of 425ppm, the water met EPA standards, but was not very tasty.

A refrigerator filter or pitcher-style filter is great for removing chlorine, but that’s about it.

Garrelts installed a high output Reverse Osmosis System that removes roughly 96% of all contaminants. Now they get great drinking water from a special faucet at their kitchen sink, plus they get nice clear cubes from their icemaker!

We drink a lot of water, and are definitely coffee lovers. The Reverse Osmosis system makes our water taste great, and our coffee has better flavor too. Now our dogs get pure water too!


Our clients no longer have to worry about wrecking their new home with hard water, or about drinking whatever is in tap water.

Now they have the right water quality, just where they need it. Soft water for dishes, laundry, and showers. Pure water for beverages, ice, and their dogs!

Water Hardness Before: 25gpg
Water Hardness After: 1gpg

Total Dissolved Solids Before: 425ppm
Total Dissolved Solids After: 17ppm

How Can Garrelts Water Help?

Garrelts Water is located in McHenry, IL and has been serving the Northeastern Illinois area since 1992. We service both residential and commercial customers. Contact us for a FREE WATER TEST to help you get started on your next project!

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