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Today’s luxury homes have many water features that you won’t find in your average house.

A 3 bedroom, split level home might need 7 or 8gpm (gallons per minute) of soft water.  A large estate might need 50gpm.

An average water softener can’t handle that kind of load.  Best case, it would kill your water pressure.  Worst case, you could get scalded in the shower when that little softener restricts the cold water supply.

Luxury Homes Demand More

Spa-like, walk-in showers with multiple sprayers can require as much water as 10 separate showers – running at the same time!  Beautiful soaking tubs can hold 100’s of gallons of water, and they fill up 2-3 times faster than a normal tub.

Our client in Barrington, IL had a beautiful 9,800 sq. ft. home with 6 ½ baths.  The home is supplied with 1.5” copper plumbing which can deliver up to 46gpm.  That’s enough to run 23 faucets at the same time!

Old Culligan Softener Couldn’t Keep Up

The old Culligan Water Softener in this home was undersized from the start.

The well water in this home had 1ppm of Iron, and a massive Water Hardness level of 28gpg.

Over time, the Water Softener resin plugged up with Iron, which reduced the softener’s performance even further.

There was a very noticeable drop in water pressure when multiple appliances and fixtures were used.

Even worse, the old unit had a time clock controller.  It regenerated every 3 days.  It ran out of soft water from time-to-time.  It used a TON of salt.

Hellenbrand H150 Water Softener

Hellenbrand H150 water softener in Barrington, ILEven though this is a residential home, the plumbing and flow requirements require a “Commercial Water Softener”.

Garrelts Water recycled the old Culligan and installed a new Hellenbrand H150 Commercial Water Softener.

The new softener uses a 1.5” valve and a 16” wide x 65” tall tank that can handle up to 51gpm – no pressure drop here!

The Hellenbrand H150 has a digital, metered controller that has some of the most advanced software in the industry.  This allows us to add an extra backwash, and extend the backwash length for better iron removal.

We also set the system to measure gallons of water used, and only regenerate as needed.  This saves salt, and makes sure our client’s family doesn’t run out of soft water.


Does Your Estate Need Better Water?

Now this beautiful luxury home in Barrington, IL has great water AND great water pressure.

Larger homes should be treated like a commercial application.  They have the same plumbing.  They both require careful planning.

If you have a home like this, we can help.  Garrelts Water will take special care to make sure your water system is matched to the features in your home.

Contact Garrelts Water at (815) 344-8186 to find out more!

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