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Water softener rental may seem like a good idea.  You don’t have to pay to fix it when it breaks.  Rental water softeners are usually on month-to-month contracts.  So you can dump it if you’re not happy.  Seems pretty good…

But what if it doesn’t work?  What if you put it in, and you still have problems?  What if the water softener company has to keep coming out, even if its free of charge?  And your water still has problems!  Is that a good deal?  Our clients in Marengo, IL didn’t think so.

A Great Water Softener, But Not a Great Solution

Private wells in Marengo, IL can have some pretty nasty water

The twin tank Kinetico Rental Water Softener was just that – a water softener.  And it did a good job of softening.  But it couldn’t control Iron Bacteria.  And the Iron stains kept coming.

With 4ppm of Iron, the Iron Bacteria had plenty of food to grow thick, orange snot in the water.

So what did we do differently?

A Marengo, IL Iron Filter and Softener that Work!

Marengo IL Water Softener Iron FilterFirst, we controlled the Iron Bacteria problem.  Our custom Iron Curtain Junior uses air injection to oxidize Iron.  But disinfection is the true secret.

Chlorine Injection Iron Filters are one of the most common systems we design.  These units flush themselves out with a weak dosage of Chlorine during regeneration.  Iron Bacteria is killed.  The system stays clean.  The water stays clear.

Second, we reduced the hardness.  25gpg water hardness is pretty miserable.  Dishwashers and glassware get destroyed in about a year with this water.

Our clients didn’t need 24 hour soft water.  They just wanted reliable soft water.

The E3 Water Softener is another tool we use a lot.  The Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener combines a smart electronic controller with a rugged, durable valve.  You get great soft water, at a great price!


Better Water, For Less Money

The rental Kinetico water softener cost our customers about $50 per month.  That was for a softener only.  For $50 a month they got soft, rusty water – not a good deal!  The purchase price for the Kinetico water softener was over $2,000.

We helped our customers with an Iron Filter AND a Water Softener – for almost the same money!  Dollars aside, we helped them get great water.  Take a look at these water test results:

Water Quality Before
4ppm Iron (staining begins at 0.3ppm)
25gpg Hardness (soft water is 1gpg or less)
Positive Iron Bacteria

Water Quality After
0.1ppm Iron
1gpg Hardness
Negative Iron Bacteria

Our customers finally got what they wanted.  Soft, rust-free water.  It took some trial and error on their part.  But now they’ve joined the rest of our happy customers.

About Garrelts Water

Garrelts Water is based out of McHenry, IL.  We’re about 20 minutes away from Marengo – and a number of other surrounding communities.

We understand the water in our community, and we can help.  If you have difficult well water, give us a call at (815) 344-8186.  We’ll even quote you on the phone!

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