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Our customer in Woodstock, IL never thought he’d need an Arsenic Filter. Arsenic has no taste. No color. No smell. This carcinogen is sneaky.

Arsenic in Illinois well water is a growing problem.

We had already installed an Iron Filter and Softener for our customer. He was happy with his water. Then he heard about arsenic. He did some research, and decided to get a certified test done.

Turns out his arsenic level was 5x over the legal limit. He called Garrelts Water for help.

See how we fixed this nasty arsenic problem with an effective, simple solution.

Rusty, Hard Water – with a Dangerous Secret

We were first called out to this home to help with rust stains and hard water.

The raw water had 3.5ppm of iron – almost 11x over the staining limit. We used our Iron Curtain Storm to remove iron and get rust stains under control.

Like most well water in this area, it was extremely hard too. 32gpg hardness is 6x over the national average. Without a good softener, everything would get crusty and scaly. This was fixed with a 48,000 grain E3 water softener.

Arsenic was the real problem – iron and hard water were just a nuisance.

Arsenic occurs naturally in two forms:

  1. Arsenic 5 (AS5) or pentavalent arsenic
  2. Arsenic 3 (AS3) or trivalent arsenic – the more dangerous form

50ppb Arsenic is 10x over the legal limit in Illinois. The Department of Health literally considers this water unsafe to drink. Fortunately, it could be fixed.

Finally, Safe Water at Every Tap

woodstock il arsenic filter iron filter and water softener
The Iron Curtain Storm was installed to help with iron.

As an added bonus, it helps reduce arsenic too.

The Storm uses ozone to oxidize iron and arsenic. This helps in two ways:

  1. Arsenic is oxidized into AS5.
  2. Oxidized iron and oxidized arsenic (AS5) stick to each other like magnets

The Storm pulls out the clumps of iron and arsenic. The high level of iron was actually a bonus.

The Storm just about cut the arsenic level in half.
A dedicated Arsenic Filter was added to polish the water. It cuts out any arsenic that’s left. The filter media can reduce both types of arsenic (AS3 and AS5). That means they still have protection – even if the Iron Filter doesn’t oxidize everything.

This arsenic media does not require any salt, chemicals, or flushing. It literally “traps” both types of arsenic. It is the perfect layer of protection from arsenic.

Now the family can drink water, brush their teeth, and take a bath without worry.

Is There Arsenic in Your Water?

Have you had your water tested to make sure it’s safe? You should. Its quick, and easy to do.

If you do have arsenic, get a FREE ESTIMATE or give us a call at (815) 344-8186.

Garrelts Water is a local Illinois Water Treatment company. We’re based in McHenry, IL and service the greater Chicago area. We’re your best bet to fix rusty, smelly water.

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