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Ever find yourself thinking “There has to be a better way”?

That’s what our customer in Dundee, IL found himself questioning – every day.

Our customer had a great deal of iron staining and his softener was regenerating every other day – just burning through the salt! Garrelts Water helped him find a better well water softener and iron filter to get the job done. Here’s how:

Nasty Well Water with Major Rust Stains

Well water with 4.5ppm of Iron and 28gpg of hardness is the textbook definition of “problem water”.

Rust stains begin at 0.3ppm – this well’s iron level is 15x over the limit!

While most of the United States deals with 4-5 grains of water hardness, but this well is almost 7x worse! A family of four would have 438lbs of dissolved rock running through their home’s plumbing each year.

Can you imagine what that would do to your appliances and plumbing?

Outdated Iron Filter and Inefficient Water Softener

The original Springsoft Water Conditioning system helped, but never quite kept up.

The old system used a Greensand Iron Filter with an Autotrol 168 valve. To keep the Iron Filter working, it had to regenerate with an oxidant called Potassium Permanganate every 2 days. This added chemical use was getting very expensive and was an absolute mess to clean up.

He also had an old Autotrol 255 Water Softener that would regenerate every 2 days. The softener would literally eat through 12lbs of salt and 120 gallons of water each regeneration!

What a waste!

A Better Well Water Softener and Chemical Free Iron Filter

Well Water Softener and Iron FilterGarrelts Water started fresh, and tore out all the old water treatment equipment. We cleaned up the plumbing, and installed an Iron Curtain Junior Filter System along with an E3 Water Softener.

The Iron Curtain Junior doesn’t require any chemicals to work. Instead, it uses air which is a great oxidant, and a natural alternative to Potassium Permanganate. Filter tank size was increased from a 10” diameter tank up to a 12” to provide better filtration with heavier water use.

Now our client had a reliable Iron removal solution, and eliminated messy chemicals.

The E3 Water Softener has a much easier job than the previous softener. Since the Iron is effectively removed, the softener can regenerate on-demand (only as needed). During light water use, the system might regenerate every 5-6 days. With heavier use, it will regenerate every 3-4 days.

The new E3 softener can also be adjusted for more vigorous, and extended backwash and rinse cycles.  This flexibility makes the E3 a better well water softener than the clunky Autotrol that had little flexibility.

Each time the E3 regenerates, it uses 21% less salt, and 50% water. Combine the improved efficiency with 50% fewer regenerations, and the savings really add up!


Garrelts Water helped our client upgrade from an outdated system that was wasteful and costly to operate. Plus, their water quality was lousy!

The new water treatment system is efficient and effective! No stains, less salt, and savings that really add up!

Here’s a comparison of their raw water quality, versus the results of our water system:

Water Hardness Before: 28gpg
Water Hardness After: 1gpg

Iron Level Before: 4.5ppm
Iron Level After: 0.1ppm

How Can Garrelts Help You Fix Your Well Water?

Garrelts Water is located in McHenry, IL and has been serving the Northeastern Illinois area since 1992. We are well water specialists, and can find a solution to help you win the battle against rust stains, rotten egg smell, and more! Contact us for a FREE WATER TEST to help you get started on your next project!

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