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Fox Lake, IL has extremely hard water.

No one knows it better than the Fox Lake, IL Water Department.

Garrelts Water was honored to help the city with water treatment for their facility. We installed a Commercial Water Softener and Cartridge Tank Filter to help protect the plumbing and fixtures in their building.

Fox Lake IL Water Hardness

Most of the country has to deal with 4-5 grain hard water. This location in Fox Lake has average hardness of 25gpg.

There’s no health risk with Hard Water. But the dissolved rocks that make water “hard” cause major damage to homes and businesses:

  • Double the plumbing and appliance repairs
  • Up to 48% more energy required to heat water
  • More time and money spent cleaning

Water Softeners are an easy choice when you look at all the hidden costs from hard water.

The confusing decision, however, can be which softener, and what company to work with.

The Best Commercial Water Softener

Commercial Water Softener in Fox Lake, IL
Garrelts Water is an authorized Hellenbrand Water dealer.

Hellenbrand is a household name in the Commercial and Industrial Engineering world. They make extremely durable systems that can be programmed and fine-tuned for any job.

We worked with Hellenbrand to design a twin alternating water softener for the Water Department’s facility.

This facility can have periods with almost no water usage. Then there can be huge swings in both water volume and flow rate.

A single tank softener would need to be oversized to avoid running out of soft water during heavy spikes. The other times it would be too big, and waste water and salt. Not good!

A Twin Tank Water Softener makes perfect sense for any home or business with fluctuating water use. They alternate between tanks to supply unlimited soft water. The tank that supplies water to the building also supplies soft water to the tank that is regenerating. This cuts down on wear, and improves system maintenance.

Commercial Water Filter Adds Protection

Commercial Water Filter in Fox Lake, ILWe added a Cartridge Tank Filter to make the softener work better. This filter is installed BEFORE the water softener to capture sediment and chunks of iron that could cause problems.

We did a fixture count with the staff and found a 35 gallon per minute (gpm) peak flow rate.

The Cartridge Tank Filter has several advantages over other systems:

  • Filter options can treat up to 150gpm
  • Filtration down to 0.2 microns pulls out more debris than other filters
  • No tools required for filter changes
  • Pressure monitoring system helps measure filter life

The combination of this filter with the water softener gives the Fox Lake Water Department much cleaner water, and less maintenance. Win, win!

The Best Local Illinois Water Softener Company

Garrelts Water is proud to offer high quality products. We look for efficiency, durability, and strong warranties.

But great products are only part of the solution.

We also work hard to have best service. To us that means honest, trustworthy advice. It also means the technical know-how to correctly design and maintain water treatment systems.

Give Garrelts Water a call at (815) 344-8186. We can help you with a simple system for your home, or a complex high volume system for your facility.

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