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In McHenry IL, your Water Softener works harder than any appliance in your home.  Each day, it protects your water heater, plumbing, appliances, and every fixture from hard water damage.

McHenry, IL water hardness is 23 grains per gallon (almost 5x higher than the national average).  It can cost you $1,000’s in nuisance repairs if it goes untreated.  You definitely need a softener.

But what are the downsides if you have an old softener that’s starting to limp along?  What sort of hidden costs do they have?

Our customer, Peter Militano, was faced with those questions.  This article highlights why Peter chose Garrelts Water to upgrade his old softener.

Hidden Costs with Old Water Softeners

Peter had a Culligan Mark 8 water softener that regenerated based on a time clock schedule. This means his old mechanical softener would regenerate every 3 days no matter how much water was actually used.

With 10 regenerations per month, Peter was burning through 120lbs of salt, and 860 gallons of water and sewer.

Since Peter has city water, he pays for water and sewer by the gallon. The more his softener uses, the more it costs him.

Water Softeners naturally lose 2-10% capacity each year. The common fix for this is to increase salt, increase regeneration frequency, or both. The heavy salt use of old softeners can really increase their operating costs.

Peter wanted good water, but he didn’t want to break the bank trying to get it. Efficiency was very important.

Real Savings with a High Efficiency Water Softener

E3 Water Softener Controller
After reviewing his options, Peter chose a new E3 Water Softener.

The E3 is an electronic, on-demand water softener that only regenerates as needed.  Now his softener regenerates about once a week instead of twice.

Garrelts Water customized the controller, and set the regeneration cycle for minimum water waste.   The regeneration cycle is now 30 minutes shorter, and saves Peter 30 gallons of water per regeneration.

With fewer regenerations, and higher efficiency, the new E3 Water Softener saves Peter 80lbs of salt and 580 gallons of water/sewer each month.

Peter is one of many happy Garrelts Water customers. His water and sewer bills went down, and he doesn’t have to haul as much salt.

So how much is your old softener costing you?

How Can Garrelts Water Help?

Garrelts Water is located in McHenry, IL and has been serving the Northeastern Illinois area since 1992. We service both residential and commercial customers. Call us at (815) 344-8186 or sign up for a FREE WATER TEST to help you get started on your next project!

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