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A Tannin Filter is rarely used with “good” water. This home in Crystal Lake, IL had well water with multiple water problems. Lets say that again: multiple water problems.

The white tile in every bathroom was getting destroyed.

The old Culligan water system never worked properly. It couldn’t. The water was just too bad to handle with a simple system.

We designed a system with several stages to fix this water once and for all.

Smelly, Discolored Water

Tannins. They make everything more difficult.

Tannins give tea its pretty color. Unfortunately, they also make water look like tea.

Tannins bind with iron to form a “sticky metallic mess” that coats up filter media and kills Iron Filters.

On top of a tannin problem, the water also had a low pH. This was causing corrosion problems throughout the house.

Then there was the smell. Not good. Think musty swamp and you get the picture.

complex tannin filter systemA Solution for Every Problem

We divided the problems up. Then we picked a solution to handle them one-at-a-time.

High Backwash Softener
The tannins made any Iron Filter a no-go. So we did the next best thing. A high backwash softener is designed to scrub itself clean. It does this with a 2.5x higher backwash and a special plate that really agitates the system during cleaning cycles.

This helped control hardness, iron, and manganese.

Tannin Filter
Next, a dedicated Tannin Filter was added to stop those annoying stains. Yellow-brown water entered the system, but it left crystal clear.

This system uses a high capacity tannin resin and an efficient regeneration technology. This allows our system to regenerate the system less often, and with less salt than other filters on the market.

pH and Chlorine Injection
We wired the tannin filter’s controller into two chemical feed pumps. The system monitors water use and runs each pump “on demand”.

The 1st pump adds an NSF certified soda ash solution to raise the pH of the water. Now the water has a neutral pH to protect the plumbing.

The 2nd pump adds a small dose of chlorine to kill bacteria and stop the swampy odor.

Both solutions are added to a mixing tank to give everything time to react. This ensures more even treatment and gives the water more “polish”.

About Garrelts Water

Garrelts Water is an Illinois Water Treatment Company. We do softeners and drinking water systems. But we’re really good at problem water. We have proven solutions for Iron Bacteria, Tannins and more. We take rusty, stinky water and make it clean and clear.

Do you have well water problems? Give us a call at (815) 344-8186 or sign up for a FREE WATER TEST. We’ll help you fix your water problems – once and for all!

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