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We get a lot calls from people in the Walworth, WI area.  The well water there can be just plain tough.  Rust stains and bad smelling water are very common.  Our customers there had a working water softener.  But it couldn’t solve all their problems.

Garrelts Water was hired to fix their rust stains and odor-causing Iron Bacteria.  We did it all without chemicals – plus our Iron Filter even helped them prevent stains on the outside of their house!

Does Your Well Water Have These Problems?

The well water had 3ppm of Iron.  That’s 10x over the staining limit.  In some cases, you could fix that with a good Well Water Softener.

This water also had a high pH and Iron Bacteria.

The high pH caused some of the iron to oxidize.  It’s impossible to remove oxidized iron with a softener.  It just won’t stick to the resin inside a softener.

Iron Bacteria is a nuisance that is very common in Wisconsin and Illinois well water.  These bugs leave a smelly, corrosive slime inside plumbing and fixtures.

If you want to remove oxidized iron, you need a filter.

if you want to kill Iron Bacteria, you need a disinfectant.

We did both jobs with the Hellenbrand Iron Curtain Storm.

A Natural Solution for Rust Stains and Iron Bacteria!

Walworth, WI Iron Curtain StormThis is quickly becoming one of our most popular systems for nasty well water.

We have installed 1,000’s of Chlorine Injection Systems to kill Iron Bacteria.  They work great.  They do have a few downsides: you have to mix up a chlorine solution every month, and you end up with a small amount of chlorine in your water (depending on how the system is setup).

If you have nasty well water, those few drawbacks could be overlooked.

Now we have a better solution.

The Iron Curtain Storm use ozone instead of chlorine.

Ozone is a natural disinfectant.  It is 1.5x more powerful than chlorine.  This allows us to kill Iron Bacteria with a smaller, simpler, single tank system.  This saves space and money.

Ozone also breaks down quickly into oxygen.  You don’t end up with a chemical smell or taste like you can with a Chlorine Injection System.

The system automatically creates the ozone.  It also flushes itself out to keep the Iron Filter media clean.  You don’t have to remember to do anything!

No More Rust Stains on Their Paver Sidewalk!

Our customer wanted better water outside their home too.  They were unhappy with rust stains on paver side walk and concrete driveway.

The 12” Iron Filter was designed for water use in their home, but it can support light usage outside too.

We plumbed one of their outside hose bibs so it ran through the Iron Filter.

Now they can do light watering and wash their car without rust stains!

About Garrelts Water

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