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Ozone Iron Filter Fixes Tough Iron Bacteria in Huntley, IL

Our Ozone Iron Filter is not the only system we use to fix Iron Bacteria, but it’s definitely the most popular. Garrelts Water spends a lot of time installing systems to combat rusty, smelly water in Illinois. Well water treatment systems are not “one size fits all”....

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3 Water Treatment Systems to Protect Your Home

People no longer take their water for granted.  Water Treatment Systems are commonly installed to make water taste, smell, and feel better. A Water Treatment System can make water safer too. Threats to drinking water safety can be naturally occurring like Arsenic....

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Custom Sulfur Water Filter in Wadsworth, IL

Smelly water driving you crazy? We know how you feel. Garrelts Water fixes nasty well water on a daily basis. We can usually solve most problems with one of our standard well water filtration systems. Sometimes we build special systems for extreme water conditions. We...

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Is a Reverse Osmosis System The Right Choice for You?

Our Reverse Osmosis System is a popular choice for people who want clean, healthy water. There are a lot of other drinking water systems on the market too. The choices can be confusing. So which ones work? The answer depends on your water quality - and the...

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