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Every 2 or 3 days our clients found themselves scrubbing their toilets.  Rust stains kept coming back.  Their water smelled like rotten eggs too.

In March 2010, they spent over $2,000 on a new water softener.  It was supposed to solve all their well water problems.

It became clear the water softener they were sold wasn’t going to cut it.

Why a Water Softener couldn’t fix this Well Water

Crystal Lake IL “city water” is hard, but the well water in this area has its own set of challenges.

Water Softeners use “ion exchange resin beads” that can remove dissolved hardness and dissolved Iron.

Resin beads CANNOT remove oxidized Iron or Iron Bacteria.  It’s physically impossible.

Iron Bacteria was growing through the water softener, and into the home.  It left an orange slime in their toilets.

But then there was the smell:

The water sample test results found 0ppm Hydrogen Sulfide.  It turns out that Iron Bacteria was also the cause of the “Rotten Egg Smell”.

Our clients were getting frustrated:

We had our well chlorinated a few months ago.  The smell was gone at first, but came back several months later

That’s when our clients called Garrelts Water.

Match the Solution to the Problem(s)

Well water treatment is easy when you follow the rules:

  1. Hard water can easily be treated with a softener.
  2. Iron can easily be oxidized by injecting air into the water.
  3. Iron Bacteria requires disinfection.

It comes down to using the right tool for the job.

And that’s where we differ from many “water softening companies”.  Once we had our water test results we designed a system for all their water problems.  We followed the rules too.

An Iron Filter for Iron + Iron Bacteria

Crystal Lake IL Iron FilterThe standard Iron Curtain Junior is a single tank system that uses air-injection to oxidize Iron and gases like Hydrogen Sulfide.

Oxidized Iron and Sulfur form large clumps that are strained out of the water through a special blend of filter media.

Once the unit is full of oxidized mineral, the controller automatically flushes out the debris to keep the filter media clean.

The digital controller also regulates how much air, and how often air is injeced.  It can be precisely adjusted to your water quality.

By itself, it would actually make the Iron Bacteria problem WORSE!

Air injection puts Iron Bacteria on STEROIDS!

Our Iron Bacteria Package is a custom add-on for any of our Iron Filter systems.  It consists of:

  • Electrical wiring and relays
  • Chlorine Injection Pump
  • Chlorine Solution Tank
  • Plumbing fittings and check valves

The combined result of the Iron Curtain Junior with Constant Chlorination is amazing.  You get great iron removal PLUS you continually control Iron Bacteria.  The system stays cleaner, lasts longer, and it just plain works.

If You Have Well Water Problems, Contact Garrelts

You don’t have to suffer from lousy well water.  Garrelts Water will take special care to make sure your next water treatment system is matched to your well’s water quality.  Get a FREE Water Test, or contact Garrelts Water at (815) 344-8186 to find out more!

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