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Can a well water softener actually get the job done? Can it control rust stains and make good soft water.

Well water in Illinois often has high levels of hardness, iron, and iron bacteria. We solve these problems with dedicated Iron Filters and Softeners. This works great.

But sometimes we need to get the job done in a smaller space. Sometimes for a tighter budget.

We installed a simple well water softener and filter for our clients. It was the right fit for their water, budget, and space too!

Hard water and Iron Problems

Our clients were sick of rust stains, spotty glassware, and crusty white buildup. Luckily, the water smelled fine. There weren’t any signs of iron bacteria either.

What they needed was a good solution for hard water, and a low level of iron.

There were two types of iron that needed to be fixed:

Clear water iron (ferrous iron):
This is the dissolved form of iron. When you pour a glass of water it looks clear at first. As the water sits, air will oxidize the iron, and the water will begin to discolor.

Red water iron (ferric iron):
This is the oxidized form of iron. Water has a distinct red/orange color. This iron is basically floating in the water and won’t stick inside a softener. It can be removed with a filter. High iron levels load up quickly and need a backwashing Iron Filter.

A Simple, But Effective Solution

We installed a simple, 2 stage system for our client:

Well Water Softener and Filter

Sediment Pre-Filter
The low level of ferric iron could be removed with a simple whole house cartridge filter. Sediment and other debris are also removed to clear up the water and protect the softener too.

E3 Well Water Softener
The E3 water softener controller can be adjusted to increase the flushing and rinsing capabilities. This helps remove iron and manganese – a huge advantage over “big box softeners” and old mechanical systems.

The E3 also has a very simple valve with 1 moving part. The simple design eliminates the rusty screws, plugged screens, and flimsy parts that scour in other systems.

This is a simple, reliable well water softener. It gets the job done.

Can Garrelts Help You?

Is your softener getting the job done? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. You don’t need to suffer through rust stains and crusty laundry any more.

Give us a call at (815) 344-8186, or sign up for a free quote. We’ll help you find the right water system for your water, space, and budget!

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